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WhatsFapp APK

Many messaging apps are now on pace with, if not better than, WhatsApp. Threema and Signal have outstanding security safeguards, while Viber boasts colorful stickers and telephone-like functionalities. WhatsApp Plus, which is essentially a clone of WhatsApp, is one of the most popular alternatives. But, like other mods, WhatsApp Plus has a mod called WhatsFapp that is based on it. We’ll walk you through the features of WhatsFapp APK and how to install it on your mobile device on this page.

WhatsFapp APK Information:

App Name WhatsFapp
Version v2.12.73
Size 23 MB
Requirement Android 4.0 and up
Latest Update 5 hours ago

Download WhatsFapp APK v2.12.73

The regular WhatsApp chatting app and WhatsApp Plus have some differences. Users have selected the latter over the former for this reason. Mods like WhatsApp Plus, for example, allow you to transfer larger files and save high-quality photographs.

WhatsApp Inc. seized WhatsApp Plus in the spring of 2015 and temporarily barred its subscribers. WhatsFapp APK , the new name for WhatsApp Plus, is now available.

WhatsFapp is no longer in risk of being blocked by WhatsApp Inc, according to the mod developers. The mod has a simpler installation approach, as well as all of the fantastic features of its predecessor.

WhatsFapp APK

WhatsFapp, like WhatsApp Plus, can be customized and used to manage numerous accounts. It also has new features to protect your data and strengthen your privacy. As a result, we may conclude that WhatsFapp is on level with, if not better than, WhatsApp Plus.

As previously stated, WhatsFapp is comparable to, if not superior than, WhatsApp Plus. We’ve provided a download link for the APK file if you want to try it out for yourself. However, before you begin downloading, check to see if your device matches the minimal requirements and has enough storage memory to prevent the programme from crashing.

How to Set Up

WhatsFapp features a simple installation procedure. Other mods need you to first install the original WhatsApp before installing the mod. After that, you’ll need to reinstall the original programme to access your account.

It is no longer necessary to reload the original programme because WhatsFapp can be installed and configured instantly. Furthermore, it makes no difference whether you have the original WhatsApp installed or not. Locate the APK file on your smartphone and tap it to install it after you’ve downloaded it. Follow the registration and verification prompts when you’ve completed the installation process. Some of your personal information will be requested by the app.


WhatsFapp APK allows users to hide their history and online state, as well as receive notifications when a specific contact is online. Various design customization options were also added to the mod. Here are some more features available in WhatsApp Plus’s successor:

  1. Users can choose between the old and new user interfaces.
  2. Theme Picker
  3.  Customization opportunities abound.
  4. There’s no need to uninstall and reinstall the original WhatsApp.
  5. Installation and settings are simplified.
  6. Statistics for Groups
  7. Photos and videos can be previewed.
  8. On a single device, you can have up to three WhatsApp accounts.
  9. You can turn off your blue ticks so that you can see your contacts.
  10. Hide the “last online” status without affecting chat partners’ data.


What exactly is WhatsFapp APK ?

WhatsApp Plus has been renamed WhatsFapp. The mod’s creators have verified that your account will not be banned or blocked by WhatsApp Inc.

What is the procedure for downloading WhatsFapp APK ?

Use a search engine to find WhatsFapp and then click the download option. The APK file will be downloaded to your device automatically.

How can I get WhatsFapp to work?

After you’ve downloaded the WhatsFapp APK in WhatsMod, locate the file on your smartphone and double-click it. Carefully follow the directions.

What’s the best way to keep WhatsFapp up to date?

Always keep an eye on this page for any WhatsFapp upgrades. To update your mod, click the download button and use the APK file to install it. It will update the installed version on your mobile device right away.

What distinguishes WhatsFapp from other apps?

-Choices between the old and new user interfaces

-Theme Picker

-A wide range of customization options.

-There is no need to uninstall and reinstall the original WhatsApp.

-Installation and settings are simplified

Statistics for Groups

-Function to preview images and videos

-On a single device, you can use up to three WhatsApp accounts.

-You can turn off your blue ticks and still view your contacts’ ticks.

-Hide “last online” status without sacrificing chat partner info.

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