WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK v3.17 Download-(Official Latest 2022)

WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK

WhatsApp Plus enhanced its functionality, allowing us to modify its colours, apply different themes, and remove size restrictions when sharing files. You may acquire the same functionality, but with a Holo interface, by installing the WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK . Some of its qualities are as follows.

WhatsApp Plus Holo APK File Info:

App Name WhatsApp Holo
Version v3.17
Size 7.20 MB
Requirement Android 2.1 and up
Last Updated 4 Hours Ago

Download WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK

  • Customization — Using various options, you can fully alter the app interface. It will appear drastically different and will make it more enjoyable. Isn’t that awesome?
  • Various themes — This application includes a variety of intriguing topics. You may effortlessly modify the concept of your app based on your mood.
  • Distribute huge media – On this version, the file transfer limit is removed. With this programme, you can now simply exchange big audio and video files.
  • Original quality – You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your images when you share them on WhatsApp. You can effortlessly email and receive photographs in their original condition with the Holo version.
  • New emojis — With this app upgrade, you can make your chats more expressive. Several new emojis have been added to it, which you can use in all of your chats.
  • Change fonts — The font size is also reversible, depending on your requirements. Larger typefaces are beneficial to the elderly.

Follow the steps below to obtain the most recent version. Ascertain that you have a stable Internet connection. It is recommended that you close all other applications while downloading.

Step-1: Search for WhatsApp Plus Holo APK on Google and download it to your device.

Step-2: Move the APK file to your SD Card so you can access it easily.

Step-3: Next, download and install a file manager of your choice.

Step-4: Open each folder containing the APK file and tap on it.

Step-5: On the pop-up, tap OK.

Step-6: Finally, tap on install. Wait a few seconds for the installation to finish.

WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK

You have just installed WhatsApp Plus Holo APK on your device. You can now converse on Whatsapp.

Update for WhatsApp Plus Holo

A fresh appearance for a favourite instant chat software is intriguing. Because WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK is customization, you may change the colours, sizes, and shapes of the themes, among other things. This cosmetic update breaks up some of your smartphone’s monotonous characteristics. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from this recent update.

  • I’ve introduced a quick model sharing option on the chat screen, similar to how you may use your favourite image or emojis from the WhatsApp Plus Image folder.
  • Include the Hide picture icon.
  • Image Key Color was added.
  • Maximum value of 30MB (up from 16MB)
  • Bring Italian, Dutch, and Brazilian dialects up to date.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes


How do I get WhatsApp PLUS Holo?

Step-1: Type WhatsApp Plus Holo APK into your search engine and download it to your device.

Step-2: Save the APK file to your SD card in a location where you can readily find it.

Step-3: Now, install a data manager of your choice.

Step-4: Open the folder containing the APK file and touch on it.

Step-5: Press the OK button.

Step-6: Finally, press on install. Wait a few seconds for the installation to complete.

How do I put WhatsApp PLUS Holo on my phone?

To get WhatsApp PLUS Holo, you must first get the original version. Then, similar to AndroidZip, download the APK file and unzip it using an APK downloader. This enables you to alter your appearance and try on a fresh look. To install the software through APK files, you must enable the “Unknown sources” option in Settings>Application.

What is the most recent WhatsApp PLUS Holo version?

WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK is the most recent version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp PLUS Holo will not be available on Google Play because it, like all other versions of WhatsApp PLUS, is illegal. Fortunately, you can get it at GBPLUSAPP.COM or the site provided above.


We have provided you with all of the required information regarding WhatsApp PLUS Holo. We hope you have a good time speaking using this app.

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