Whatsapp Indigo APK v5.60 Download-(Updated)

Whatsapp Indigo APK

Whatsapp Indigo APK for Android is a modification of the well-known speak and send short message programme that allows us to add new features and exhibit to the first user. It has grown in popularity as a way to add features that the messaging app hasn’t thought of implementing at the same rate as client requests.

WhatsApp Indigo APK File Info:

App Name WhatsApp Indigo
Version v5.60
Size 31.6 MB
Requirement Android 4.0.3
Last Update 5 hours ago

Download Whatsapp Indigo APK

That is why many people think they are fascinating equipment for redoing this talk application. GBPLUSAPP.COM has created the WhatsApp Indigo newest Version 5.60 free download and installation alteration to gain a more in-depth investigation of this intriguing WhatsApp mod

Whatsapp Indigo APK

Whatsapp Indigo is the most amazing and incredible modified version of the famous Whatsapp. There are several highlights, such as diverse Whatsapp mod Apk

Whatsapp Indigo provides its users with the ability to conceal their identity, date, and field visits. The spotlight on composition, recording, blue ticks, and common ticks is also current.

The quality of the photographs remained consistent, and clients were able to send a 72-MB file to their contacts without compromising the document’s quality. In Whatsapp Indigo, a different path of the visit was also created. In most cases, these highlights are lost in unique Whatsapp

Whatsapp Indigo APK is tucked away among GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and YOWhatsApp, to produce with us in similar provision but different modalities Indigo tint of their touch that we may find. Regardless, we take a look at our activities:

  • Developed using the official WhatsApp messenger APK.
  • Possibilities to plan an application around our problems.
  • More emoticons to choose from.
  • Neil elements, like as symbols or the optimization of illusion to indicate prestige.
  • Have more options for the last time the chat switches to privacy control, such as the ability to freeze the chat.

Regardless of the single substantial disadvantage, download the APK for the MoD and try to install it. As it is never again a system, you will have entire competence. Following that, the specific request for refreshing updates is dependent on the first WhatsApp to go up to another performance;

Whatsapp Indigo APK

WA Indigo’s Key Features

When you learn about the highlights of this mod, you’ll be able to explain why so many people are surprised. The following are the primary features of WhatsApp Indigo that you should be aware of:

  • Organize Doodle Images
  • Shroud Online’s current position
  • Blue ticks can be hidden from your contacts.
  • For security reasons, hide archival communications.
  • Send high-definition videos and photos
  • Messages should be forwarded to at least five people.
  • Use the links to invite individuals to join groups.
  • Documents larger than 72MB must be dispatched.
  • Delete all of the slow Emojis that have been used.
  • You may customise your WhatsApp with a variety of topics.
  • Change the subjects of your WhatsApp messages.
  • Make a group of 300 people.
  • Put 300 participants in a single B group.
  • broadcast.
  • Copies other people’s statuses
  • Create a 256-character standing.
  • Send a media file up to 1GB in size.
  • Replace the name in the header with your own.
  • Remove the schedule and name while copying two messages at the same time
  • A call button for the shroud
  • Improve the plan

What’s New in this Version?

Apart from its capabilities, WhatsApp Indigo includes a new high point that you will love while using the fantastic WhatsApp MoD. The following are some of the upgrades you won’t want to overlook:

  • An issue in the online tribute system has been fixed.
  • Improved speed
  • Added the ability to share GIFs.
  • In multicast, you can now count the number of people in the group.
  • Message transmission speed has been improved.
  • Customized privacy was added.
  • Media MODs that have recently been developed
  • Minor bugs have been fixed.

What Is The Process For Downloading And Installing?

Open the official WhatsApp app or the most recent version. To support your files, go to Settings>Chats>click the button. The backup will take two to three minutes to complete. Delete the official WhatsApp app from your phone and use the download button on this sheet to calculate this modified WhatsApp Indigo.

As soon as you’ve finished downloading the mod, you can start the installation process by simply following the instructions and clicking the download link. After that, you’ll be able to go back to your earlier talks. It will take four to five minutes for the restoration to complete, after which you will be able to use the latest version of WhatsApp Indigo.

Take some time to comprehend some of the specifics that you must learn about WhatsApp cool once you’ve learned about this interesting WhatsApp mod. These data are provided for your convenience in determining how you can be in charge and select the mod you wish to install on your device.

WhatsApp Mod Apk’s Advantages

  • You can hide your status from specific contacts if you don’t want them to be aware of it.
  • Hide your online presence.
  • Forward and share more than five people’s SMS.
  • Send high-definition photos and videos.
  • When you’re busy, set an auto-answer option.
  • You can send files up to 100MB in size.
  • Create a WhatsApp Group with 256 members.
  • Get anti-boycott highlights as well as more elaborate highlights
  • Use groups to make a video call to numerous people.
  • The consumer has the option of enabling or disabling gray/blue ticks, as well as double-folding the click each time.
  • Allow up to 30 megabytes of data
  • Tell fantastic tales.
  • Schedule WhatsApp messages for whenever you need them.
  • Download WhatsApp Watusi to get premium WhatsApp features.
  • You can block any contact
  • Install a built-in lock to avoid having to install additional lock apps.

The Dangers of Using a Modified WhatsApp Apk

  • Unsecured Chats: Using the Whatsapp Indigo APK apps for messaging and talking isn’t as secure as using the original version.
  • No access to Google Play Store updates: trustworthy developers do not create WhatsApp Mods. Those are created by independent designers and are available on Google Play Store, thus you will not be able to receive updates for those WhatsApp Mods.
  • Prohibited at any moment: These modded WhatsApp programmes ignore the original WhatsApp’s terms and conditions, putting you at risk of banning at any time.
  • Potentially Harmful: According to BGR, the ‘WhatsApp Plus’ app contains links to obscure domains, indicating that the software is communicating with third-party servers. Use caution when using these hacked WhatsApp apps.
  • Who Should Use WhatsApp Modification Apps?
  • Regardless of the numerous advantages and capabilities listed above, you may still be wondering who would need to use WhatsApp cool and why you would go to the trouble of installing it and backing up your conversations, and so on.
  • In reality, the tweaks aren’t for everyone, and some individuals will be content to stick to the official WhatsApp version. In any event, here are a few reasons why you should be cautious about using a WhatsApp mod if you’re travelling back and forth.

People who have several accounts

  • Assume you have a business phone and a personal phone, and you use WhatsApp on both devices for different reasons. Rather than managing and caring for two smartphones, WhatsApp mod APK docs allow you to join the pair, using only one device.

Those who wish to get the most out of their participation

If you’re the type of person who wants to change their phone to reflect their personality and the styles and formations they enjoy, a WhatsApp mod is unquestionably what you’re looking for. With so many modules to choose from and so many subjects and structures to choose from, you’ll be stumped as to what your implementation should look like.

Has a device with a low performance

If you’re using WhatsApp on an older device, or one that doesn’t have a lot of memory or RAM, you’ll find that it can deplete your device’s power. However, by adopting a mod approach, you may take advantage of all of WhatsApp’s features without it bringing your device to a halt.

Individuals in search of more functionality

There’s nothing stopping the number from touting the advantages and capabilities that a WhatsApp mod download can bring to your device.

What about Safety?

In this day and age, security is crucial, especially if you’re a parent managing private communications that you don’t want anyone else to read, or a professional dealing with sensitive material that you don’t want to share with the world. If that’s the case, a WhatsApp cool can help you protect and secure your data.


What is the procedure for downloading WhatsApp Indigo?

Use the official WhatsApp or another mod to get access to it. To back up your files, go to Settings> Talk>Click the button. The backup process will take two to three minutes to complete. Remove the official WhatsApp app from your phone and replace it with this upgraded WhatsApp Indigo by clicking the download option at the top of this page. As soon as you’ve finished downloading the mod, start the installation process by simply following the instructions and clicking the download button. Following that, you’ll be able to recover your past communications. It will take four to five minutes for the restoration to complete, after which you will be able to use the upgraded version of WhatsApp Indigo.

How do I get WhatsApp Indigo to work?

After you’ve finished downloading the mod, you can start the installation process by simply following the instructions and tilting the download tub. And then, you’ll be able to go back to your earlier talks. After four to five minutes, the restoration will complete, and you will be able to use the latest version of WhatsApp Indigo.

What’s the best way to keep WhatsApp Indigo up to date?

Follow the steps above to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp Indigo.


WhatsApp Indigo’s name suggests that this WhatsApp is mostly for those who enjoy customising their apps. This mod is for the person who needs to change the topics of their WhatsApp as frequently as possible.

The hues of Cyan, Gray, Crayon, Rose tinted, 3D, and smoke in this WA Indigo go well with the different bubbles and symbols. Customers are primarily responsible for creating increasingly appealing and surprising items in order to connect with them.

WhatsApp Indigo is mostly useful for folks who frequently require a different look for their WhatsApp accounts when compared to others. You may also alter the colours of your WhatsApp theme to Cyan, Gray, Crayon, Pink, 3 Dimension shape, and smoke. More options for dealing with your security, including the ability to freeze the last observed time in your chats.

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