Treasure Hunter MOD APK v1.87 (Unlimited Money)

Treasure Hunter MOD APK

When you spend the most of your time in the role of a professional miner in the game Treasure Hunter MOD APK, you get a unique experience. The system will provide you with all the tools you need for the work and aid in your strength-building.

 App Name Treasure Hunter
 Publisher Ulab Games
 Genre Simulation
 Size 190M
 Latest Version 1.87
 MOD Info Unlimited Money
 Get it On Google Play

With the exciting hobby of mining, Riches Hunter offers you thrilling explorations where you can make your own riches. Each team member will get a basic pickaxe and start working right away. Pickaxes will be replaced by advanced machinery after excavation and the acquisition of new items. The way it makes you feel is the most important component of this significant activity. Become the most productive person in the mining and excavating industry!
Investigate the many mines that exist.

Gamers will be able to quickly find mine-specific information and tunnel locations thanks to the technology’s detailed Treasure hunter map. Players will need to execute their actions after carefully examining the chosen position. It’s crucial to understand that the vastness of the cellar will overwhelm you. Numerous torches were used to light up this pitch-black area, but they were blind to what was happening below. Your cellar’s operational time will be determined by the countdown timer, which will also notify you as soon as low oxygen levels are found.


A miner’s role in Treasure hunter is to continuously dig. To be able to support themselves, they must produce an average amount each day. Production won’t rise by using picks and shovels to dig. You’ll need to spend a lot of money on new, more capable mining tools and equipment if you want to keep up with the game’s advancement. All game activities, including character movement, digging, and machine startup, are managed via the virtual keyboard. For your convenience, we provide a collection with a variety of patterns.

The character in the game does an identical action each time the player interacts with the screen to press the miner button. Consequently, your productivity is also influenced by your pace. You must travel to other locations in order to finish the mission. And you have additional opportunities to improve your mining skill on certain times. You will find the relevant tasks grouped in your mailbox; confirm it and finish them!


Possessing the most cutting-edge gear is the most important requirement for players to survive and thrive in the future. The tool templates available in Treasure Seeker are various. Manual digging is made easier using hoes and shovels. Another potential option is to increase the output of items produced by machines. Selling your items will help you turn a profit after one business day. Upon completing tasks, you will also receive large presents. Spend the money you earn on improving your production plant and buying new machinery!


Numerous customers have had the most genuine mining experience conceivable with Treasure Hunter. There are several ways to enjoy this time. Finding your chosen tool and creating enormous rewards is one of these. Recall not. In the competition with other employees, your input will be crucial in securing the top spot. Players can relocate and travel to other regions as part of their quest.


Learn about the daily activities of miners and how they live and work. Your accomplishments will be tracked by the system, which will then compile them into a skilled artisans league table.

Add a variety of new content for you, such as new tool locations, vault locations, and other necessary components. Bug fixes and movement speed improvements are also a result of the upgraded version.

To complete the task, a straightforward action is to dig and collect any metals found. Create the ideal tunnel with a pickaxe or a machine to find more hidden treasures.

Picks, shovels, and auto excavators, among other things, can help you finish out your tool inventory. To improve mining production per minute, you can choose to add requests to upgrade them with money.

Receive merited rewards for successfully completing a list of chores. Additionally, the money obtained from trading gems or metals is enough to complete other game objectives.


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