Touhou Madouroku v4.15 MOD APK-(God Mod, More Damage, Add Graze)

Touhou Madouroku

Touhou Madouroku Mod APK is a game that follows the well-known shooting action gameplay. Take part in ferocious confrontations against difficult opponents who are out to defeat you at any moment

 App Name Touhou Madouroku
 Publisher しろ
 Genre Action
 Size 96M
 Latest Version 4.15
 MOD Info God Mod, More Damage, Add Graze
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Touhou Madouroku is a game that will provide gamers with an intense battle experience. This is the game you’ve been looking for to add to your library if you enjoy action-packed games. With this game, players can fully participate in a variety of unique matches that can only be won via talent.

Touhou Madouroku


All of the games will have to have a very appealing gameplay mechanism. Even for new players on their initial login, a game with appealing gameplay will be able to pique their interest. As a result, the creators of Touhou Madouroku have created an immensely familiar action game system with numerous unique characteristics for their products.

The manufacturers will be able to completely modify your play with many various playing methods thanks to the familiar gameplay. And, when it comes to your game, you’ll be able to manage interesting characters and take part in a variety of dramatic combat. However, one of the game’s distinguishing qualities is that the controls are as easy as tapping and gliding around the screen.


A particular battle system has been built to match the action gameplay, in addition to an attractively developed gameplay. Touhou Madouroku will allow players to easily integrate because the combat techniques will be comparable to those seen in other bullet-shooting games. The goal of the game is for you to control your main character as he shoots bullets and destroys his enemies.

On the other hand, in order to dodge an opponent’s strike, the player will need good control abilities. Any time you make a careless mistake, you will be forced to participate in a bullet hell combat with many bullets launched by the adversary to attack and destroy you. Don’t be concerned; your character will usually have a low hit point and will take more damage than you expect, and the bullets will be smaller in size in battle.


A challenge system with a variety of difficulties can be built to provide its players with the most unique challenges. Players will be able to start the game at any time to prove their ability to overcome challenges thanks to an appealing challenge system. As a result, you’ll have to confront a variety of trials, all of which are designed to ruin you.

Your game will be divided into numerous game modes, allowing you to select one that best suits your combat abilities. ‘Easy,’ ‘Normal,’ ‘Hard,’ and ‘Lunatic,’ with difficulty levels increasing in order,’ will be the game modes. Depending on the difficulty level, the quantity of bullets fired and their density will vary. Regardless of the difficulty level selected, the game will be divided into six levels for you to battle through.


The graphics are without a doubt the last aspect that the game can offer its players that will have a direct impact on their gaming experience. Games with outstanding graphic quality will allow players to completely experience the message that the game wishes to convey. As a result, the game’s creators have created an exceptional animation system that allows players to experience the entire game level.


  1.  The game is based on the well-known action genre, but it includes a wide range of fascinating features.
  2.  The game’s gameplay will consist of incredibly intense fighting paired with extremely basic control operations.
  3.  The game’s fighting mechanisms will allow players to become familiar with the characteristics of a typical bullet-shooting game.
  4.  You’ll face a variety of difficult obstacles, with multiple game modes to fit your skill level.

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