Soula WhatsApp APK v6.40-Updated Version

Soula WhatsApp APK

Through the advancement of digital phones and social media services, life has become more accessible and comfortable. Many of us have expressed gratitude for the availability of WhatsApp for our communication requirements. Today, Soula WhatsApp is one of the most popular programmes from the WhatsApp mod APK. Meanwhile, check out SX Projects for other tweaks.

Soula WhatsApp APK File Info:

App Name Soula WhatsApp
Version v6.40
Requirement Android 4 and higher
Size 43.1 MB
Last Updates 3 Hours Ago


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The programme enables you to manage particular features of the conversation and application’s functionality and secrecy without breaking WhatsApp’s terms of service. Now, let us all brace yourself for the journey of discovering Soula WhatsApp’s complete information and download directory.

 Soula WhatsApp APK

A modified version of the official WhatsApp contains Soula WhatsApp with enhanced features and modifications. Sommer Damous, a Syrian, created the app.

The App’s Benefits

Soula WhatsApp is available in two flavours. This is the lite version. Both provide significant value to the app’s users. The following are the advantages of the official Soula WhatsApp app: Maintain the conversation- With WhatsApp on the browser and desktop, you can effortlessly sync all communication to your PC. As a result, you may communicate via any device that is convenient for you.

You’re sharing priceless moments—without the hassle of sending photos and videos via WhatsApp. Using the built-in camera, capture the moments that matter to you. Photographs and videos will be supplied fast, even if your connection is sluggish.


Have you completed the Soula WhatsApp download? Make the most of your time! The following are some steps to follow in order to install Soula WhatsApp APK on your device:

  • Navigate to settings, then to security.
  • Ensure that unfamiliar sources are initiated
  • Using your smartphone’s file manager, locate the APK file.
  • Double-click the APK file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • We recommend that you disable unknown sources, although this is optional.


Soula has a plethora of favours to bestow on app users. The following is a list of the capabilities that the app may provide you with:

Modifications to the Main/Chat Screens

At the top of Soula’s page, you’ll see “WhatsApp.” The supplied content will enable you to alter the title, number, or status on WhatsApp using Soula modifications. You may hide and archive the conversation button from this WhatsApp’s main screen. This will enable you to eliminate the grey border that separates the conversations on the main screen.

Mods for Media Sharing

Notifications will not pause playback of audio files. You have the ability to transfer film files up to 700MB in size using WhatsApp Soula. Sharing the image’s original quality will not degrade the image’s quality. Soula WhatsApp now has a 30-minute video limit.

Modifications to privacy settings

Allows you to conceal your online activity through the use of the freeze last seen option. Through the revoke mod, you may prevent people from erasing their communications. Allowing this option prevents someone from withdrawing a letter they wrote on your behalf or on behalf of a group. You may read someone’s WhatsApp status without them knowing by utilizing the conceal status view mod. Soula WhatsApp has the ability to hide the blue tick and the second tick. Additionally, the conceal typing/recording status mod enables you to type or record a voice note while in a contact, broadcast, or group conversation.

Modify Icons

Customize the launcher’s icon by selecting from twelve distinct designs. Each shape is completely new. The picture will be replaced with the Soula WhatsApp Application Icon.

Modifications to the default settings

Using the entire setting option, you may change the theme colour from white to dark. Within the Soula WhatsApp icon, you have the option of enabling or disabling the communication counter. This option will display a count of unread messages. The software supports multi-chat throughout the conversation about obtaining a card, and you may navigate between various talks.

Additional characteristics

  • Increased stability, security, and execution speed
  • The ability to send text messages not just to your contacts, but to any WhatsApp number.
  • Additional place for noting your status
  • A brand-new collection of smileys and emoticons
  • Capability to transfer up to 100 files in a variety of formats
  • Additional options for retrieving data and creating backup copies
  • Activated previously hidden options
  • Sending up to 100 pictures in a batch
  • Increased privacy choices when communicating with management, groups, and conversations that exchange status
  • Using the “cancel open the keyboard” option, conceal the keyboard.
  • Using the “text selectable option,” choose and pluck tiny content from a lengthy message.
  • When duplicating someone’s message, conceal the sender’s name and date.
  • Displays the whole complicated word without the option to “read more.”

How to perform an update?

Install the most recent version of Soula WhatsApp. Take the APK file from the URL provided above. Then, as normal, connect the APK. Do not remove the application prior to updating it.

It is suggested that you create a backup of your files before upgrading the Soula WhatsApp app. This way, you’ll never lose important chats or data, and you’ll be extra secure.


What is Soula Whatsapp and how do I get it?

To download the app, simply click the button below, which will take you to a website where you may ready to download the Soula WhatsApp APK. Adhere to the directions provided on the web page to which you will be routed.

What is the procedure for installing Soula Whatsapp?

-Go to the settings section, then to the security section.

-Ensure that the unknown sources are activated

-On your smartphone, look for a single APK file.

-Run the APK file and follow the on-screen instructions.

We recommend that you deactivate unknown sources, but this is entirely optional.

How do I keep Soula Whatsapp up to date?

Soula WhatsApp’s newest version is available for download. Take the APK connection from the previous section. Then, as normal, install the APK. Remove the programme you downloaded prior to allowing it to update. We recommend that you backup your files prior to updating the Soula WhatsApp app. This way, you’ll never lose track of important discussions or files, and you’ll be overprotected.

Final Words

Soula is one of the most popular mod applications available for WhatsApp right now. Today, one of the most popular WhatsApp mod APK programmes is Soula WhatsApp. Apart from breaching WhatsApp’s terms of service, the app will provide control over certain aspects of operation and secrecy of the chat and application.

If you can download the APK file, you’ll notice that Soula gives the same options as the others. That is, more choices for customizing the interface and graphical part, increased privacy control over the user area, and tools for circumventing the constraints on data transmission that we occasionally encounter.

What else are you going to ask for? Soon, try to download and install Soula WhatsApp APK and let us know how you like it.

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