Prey Day: Survive v15.3.05 MOD APK + (Immortality)

Prey Day: Survival Mod APK

Prey Day: Survival Mod APK gives players access to an expansive world and an immersive zombie survival game while sacrificing a number of gameplay elements to improve the overall quality of the experience.

 App Name Prey Day: Survival
 Genre Action
 Size 550M
 Latest Version 15.3.05
 MOD Info Immortality
 Get it On Google Play

Prey Day: Survival is a bloody survival game with a dynamic tempo that changes based on the player’s individual gameplay and offers more exhilarating genre-specific experiences. To further engage all players’ senses and even provide more challenging content, the game uses a range of well-known methods. The gameplay has been greatly expanded, adding many new components and leaving players feeling highly stimulated.

For a shot of survival, explore the enormous universe.

In Prey Day: Survival, the setting is a contemporary world where zombies have taken over and has been split up into different areas for different resources. As a result, gathering resources in urban settings is challenging and typically starts out poorly until the player becomes an adept survivor. Based on the player’s success, the world will keep growing and, despite several obstacles, offer them the most amazing discoveries.


The dynamic control system that enables players to select their preferred fighting style, such as head-on or stealth, is the most crucial element of the gameplay. The control system will have the necessary interactions and a variety of additional features, depending on the design, to carry out the optimum plan. In addition, the player can utilize anything in the vicinity to harm or throw adjacent zombies due to the posh urban setting.


Prey Day: Survival’s building system becomes crucial and necessitates ongoing upkeep if the player intends to stay in the city for an extended period of time. Through this place, people can build the extra stations needed to craft or manage resources effectively for a range of challenges while surviving. To protect against the numerous risks provided by zombies. And other players, the base’s expansion requires the daily update of building materials.


For players who want to use a variety of fighting tactics in difficult circumstances, the game’s arsenal of weapons is particularly fascinating reading. the capacity to create any type of weapon found in the game, gather weapons from the environment, and use them effectively in combat. Furthermore, areas where there are a lot of zombies always have sophisticated weapons or intricate production processes that the player’s base cannot handle.

rob the valuable items from other players’ bases.

Prey Day’s hilarious raids and opponent facility destruction for rare good gathering are the best aspects of staying alive. This also holds true for player bases, despite the fact that everyone will be able to fight in-game against other players and take whatever they have to offer as loot. Over time, additional PvP-related material will also become accessible, and players will be able to raid with their buddies to level everything to nothingness.


Players may need to interact with public facilities in addition to bases in order to conduct trades or find uncommon items through unexpected special encounters that appear across the environment. PvP is prohibited in these areas. But a variety of minigames will offer everyone exciting opportunities to gain special rewards for their own efforts. Players can get together outside of public spaces to engage in deadly combat. Or to raid zombie bases and split the loot.

Prey Day: Survival simulates the experience of surviving in a chaotic world for all players by utilizing contemporary city themes and resource scarcity. Players can also build strong bases or take part in raids to seize rare materials. People are always under pressure. And given the strongest incentives to pursue a life of maximum survival through a variety of activities. Whether they take place offline or online.

Key Features:

  • Players can explore numerous towns that have been overrun by zombies, gather supplies. And engage in survival combat while avoiding danger.
  • controls that are incredibly responsive and swiftly adjust to the player’s battle strategies. While promoting their distinctive movement, interaction, and other actions.
  • To survive another day while being attacked by mysterious entities. Build a survival base outfitted with the tools you’ll need for cooking, building, and crafting.
  • Explore a post-apocalyptic world for hidden treasures. Take part in entertaining online activities through crowded zombie zones, or barter with others in open areas.
  • Raid the bases of other players to steal vital resources, demolish everything with friends, and even fight in-game.

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