PC Creator MOD APK v5.8.0 -(Free Shopping)

PC Creator MOD APK

You can try to become a computer manufacturer in the free simulation tycoon game PC Creator Mod APK

 App Name PC Creator
 Publisher UltraAndre
 Genre Simulation
 Size 161M
 Latest Version 5.8.0
 MOD Info Free Shopping
 Get it On Google Play

PC Creator – PC Building Simulator is a game that will help you create a fantastic product since it is based on the process of building and mending PC components. There are many objectives to complete in this game, and by doing so, you will learn more significant and practical information. You will have access to and be able to buy a ton of different stuff in this game. As a result, you must exercise financial restraint.


You will play engaging games when you visit PC Creator to meet the needs of customers who want to assemble and upgrade their PCs. You’ll get a task to finish in exchange for a set amount of money. Users undoubtedly learn more about the PC and its surroundings through this gameplay. This is essential information that you should keep in mind if you decide to update or buy a new computer.

To perform your job, you will only have limited access to facilities. With this size, you only get a few requests in the early stages of the game. In this facility, you will also be able to change a few other factors that will aid in building or upgrading a personal computer. With the assistance of an assistant who continuously offers important information, which you must carefully study, you will have complete access to the game’s gameplay.

Take requests in and process them in order of priority

Your job as an income producer in PC Creator is to fulfill the requests of the visitors. Each demand will then be able to see how much money they received as well as their own demands. You’ll take into account granting these demands because, as was previously mentioned, room size plays a role. Furthermore, it will be challenging to refuse this request if you dislike losing money. So there is no reason to finish the requirements as soon as possible.
You can tap any item in the list of requests to learn more information. This list will also tell you the steps required to carry out a request, like updating a PC or building a new one. In order to avoid confusion regarding the requirements of each request, you are therefore aware of what you must do. Following the gathering of the necessary data, you will move forward with fulfilling these requests.

You will need to select parts from the case, chip, mainboard, and a variety of other components if a customer asks you to build a new PC. And you will click the verify button in the request to get money once you have made sure that the selection of these factors satisfies the user’s needs. You will install software or replace certain components if the user requests it. As a result, you will come across a wide variety of intriguing and realistic PC components.


You can buy a lot of things in PC Creator once you have enough money. To improve your client’s computer, you can locate a store that sells hardware and software components. If you have a lot of money, you won’t be able to live in a small room forever, and since the task at hand will be more difficult than before, you also need to think about the size of the room.


Playing our clicker will teach you how to fix personal computers by repairing or replacing damaged components with better alternatives. Additionally, not all of your computer’s parts are interoperable.

In order to maximize the performance of your device, our simulator will show you how to choose the best specifications for customers, retailers, and individual orders. If on your computer, the PC construction game appears as a PC component option. You must build a variety of construction sets in order to enhance your abilities in gaming and business simulator design.

What if everything doesn’t go as to plan? Ask for help in the game’s official Discord channel, where players discuss various topics and share their knowledge and experience. We run promotions and contests in our idle miner. You’ll be pleasantly surprised because our community wants to make simulator games better. Besides that, The PC Creator PRO edition is for you if you want to build your PC in 3D.


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