OG Instagram Apk Download 14.3-Latest Version

OG Instagram Apk

Instagram is the trendy application and it has millions of downloads. It is a social application on which you may upload your images and videos with your friends and family. OG Instagram Apk is the customized version of Instagram that gives tons of functionality and choices that are not present in the original Instagram program.

OG Instagram Apk basic information

The full name of the application is OG Instagram Apk It was developed by OG Insta Team
Location of the device Its version is 10.14.0
Its size is 25 MBs only WIFI Connection is recommended
Updated 5 hours ago External Storage Access

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OG Instagram gives various choices to the users which are not available by the official program. You may get tons of amazing features which are given below

Multiple Account Support

You may log in 2 accounts in a once using OG Instagram Apk. You will get the alerts connected to both accounts at the same time utilizing this intriguing version of IG. There is no need to erase your account information to log in to another one. Just

Operate both accounts concurrently utilizing OG Instagram.

Download Media

The nicest part about this version of Instagram is its media downloading ability. Official Instagram never enables its user to download any image, video or GIF in the gallery from the program whereas in case of OG Instagram Apk, you may download any forms of media including photographs, videos, boomerangs and anything else directly into the gallery

Share Links

Using OG Instagram Apk, you may share URLs of photos and videos with your pals extremely quickly. In this approach, people may make rapid access to the media that you wish to share with them.

Follow indication

OG Instagram Apk contains an inbuilt ‘Follow indicator’. This function is meant to let the user know about the people who are following or un-following him. You will get a notification if you locate someone who starts following you or un-follow your account.

Zoom profile picture

OG Instagram is the program that facilitates your access to the little profile image and allows you to zoom in. In the case of the original program, you are unable to view that image properly.

IGTV video access

You have appreciated the function of IGTV on official Instagram in which you can observe the lengthy videos very quickly. These videos are not downloaded by the official Instagram app. Download the complete IGTV video by using OG Instagram Apk.


OG Instagram APK allows the user to translate the messages which they receive in personal conversations. You can translate captions only in the official IG program however this version allows you text message translation.

The auto-playing of videos

In the official IG app, you need to click on the video for accessing the sound of the video. OG Instagram is developed with the autoplay of sound. This is the default function of this program.

OG Instagram Apk

Facebook connection

Connect this program with Facebook and share your post from IG to Facebook extremely effortlessly. This function helps save time and allows the user to share a single article on two distinct sites by just a single click.

Download Stories

Using OG Instagram Apk, you may download stories of the contacts in your gallery. There is no need to ask for written status as well. You may quickly copy the written status and paste it wherever you want with OG Instagram.

Multi-language support

OG Instagram has inbuilt multi-language support that enables to utilize this program in the selected language without any trouble.

Copy Bios and Captions

You may copy the biographies of the persons and paste it wherever. OG Instagram Apk contains an option of clipboard that enable the user copy written statuses, captions, and other forms of texts so that they may utilise these lines for themselves.

Installation Guide

OG Instagram is the modified version of the official Instagram. It is not accessible on the Google play store but it can simply be downloaded on the official page of OG Instagram.

Here are the procedures you need to take for the downloading of OG Instagram Apk

  • OG Instagram is a third party application. It requires authorization of the unknown source from the settings of the device.
  • Connect your device to the internet connection and access the official page of OG Instagram
  • Click on the link below the page given for downloading the application
  • Save the file in ‘downloads’ folder on your phone
  • Wait till the downloading procedure completes
  • Before launching the application
  • Allow the rights of the unknown source from the settings
  • After activating the permission, launch the app and establish your account
  • You may log in by using any prior account too


Is OG Instagram legal?

The OG Instagram Apk is a third party application. It is not accessible on Google play store yet it never interferes with the phone’s function and safe to use in all sorts of smartphones.

How to obtain OG Instagram?

You can Download OG Instagram via the URL accessible on the official page of the programme.

Is the program difficult to use?

OG Instagram features a comparable interface with the official programme. It offers user-friendly settings and all the facts linked to the operation of this programme are readily comprehensible to the users.

What are the distinctive characteristics of OG Instagram Apk?

This mode of Instagram features an anti-ban function; it can cure flaws and viruses. However, you may skip adverts and it consumes less storage compared to other versions of Instagram

Final Words:

OG Instagram Apk’s ease of use and fantastic functionality were clearly described throughout the post. Using this software, you may make phone calls, edit your photos, and share them with your pals. You don’t have to be concerned about the app operating because it is safe and protects your device from all kinds of viruses despite its third-party status. To share media with your friends, download the original Instagram app for free on your smartphone.

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