Instagram Plus APK Download-( OFFICIAL) Latest Version 2021

Instagram Plus APK

As a modified version of the official Instagram app, Instagram Plus APK is well-known for including the most recent features that the official Instagram app does not have. This Instagram Plus APK 2021 clone comes with more privacy features and, of course, the ability to save photos and videos. The app is an upgraded version of Instagram, allowing the user to zoom in on any profile image by just double-tapping

File Information:

App Name Instagram Plus
Version 10.20.0
Last Updated 3 Hours Ago
App Size 25.38 MB
Total Downloads 40,000+
Developer David

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The Instagram Plus Apk, on the other hand, has a plethora of unusual features, such as the ability to switch on video sound by default. As a result, every time you watch the video, the audio will play. In addition, Instagram plus the newest version 2019 is an interesting alternative software that offers more functions than the official Instagram app.. If you’re an Android user who’s fed up with Facebook, this app might be a viable option.

Instagram Plus APK.

In addition, Instagram Plus Apk gives certified updates that are safe for your Android device, so you can experience the app’s impressive features. The most significant aspect of this modified programme is that it is completely secure for Android users. As an added bonus, Instagram Plus lets users upgrade the platform and correct flaws. You’ll be blown away by the app’s functionality after you download it. Like GbWhatsapp APKs for WhatsApp Plus and FMWhatsApp

As a result, no other social media app can provide you with as many amazing features as Instagram Plus. In fact, no other Mod version has such incredible capabilities. This modified apk’s extra features will astound you after you’ve installed it. If you’re looking for the most recent version of Instagram Plus Apk 10.20.0, you can get it here.

Why can’t I get the Insta Plus Apk from the Play store?

Thousands of social media apps may be found in the Google Play store, but they must meet a set of requirements imposed by Google. Is Insta Plus Apk a violation of the Google guidelines? Probably. So, Instagram Plus isn’t listed in the play store since it’s not available.

insta + for the PC:

This guide will walk you through the process of installing Instagram Plus Apk on your PC.

Use a PC emulator such as bluestacks player or noxplayer to get started.

The Play store may be accessed once the Android emulator has been installed on your PC.

Download the Instagram Plus Apk from the Google Play store.

Install the app on an emulator after this.

It’s done, so you can now use the current version of Instagram + on your PC.


Instagram Plus Apk is so simple to download and install that there is no need for a specific approach. It’s important that you remove the Instagram app from your Android device before you can proceed. Afterwards, this Instagram Plus Apk may be downloaded and used like any other software. Installing Instagram Plus Apk is as simple as following the steps shown below.

If you’ve already installed the official Instagram app on your Android phone, you’ll need to remove it first. Therefore, uninstall Instagram by going to settings > apps > Instagram.

This customized version may be downloaded straight from the URL provided below once you have uninstalled the official Instagram.

Now, install the Instagram Plus Apk on your Android phone and it will instantly arrive to your download folder.

The next step is to sign in or create a new account on Instagram Plus Apk.

Wow! The Instagram Plus apk 2019 is done in a matter of minutes. Now you may effectively experience the amazing and newest features of this programme. Downloading your friends’ Instagram photographs and videos is a great way to impress them. Plus, this programme is user-friendly and 100 percent secure and free to use and download.


As Instagram Plus 2019 is packed with a slew of innovative new features you’re sure to love. Instagram Plus Apk has the following extra features.

Using this software, you can save any Instagram photo or video to your device.

Any audio from Instagram may easily be downloaded using this hacked version of the programme.

  • You can also tell if someone is following you on Instagram by visiting their profile.

As a bonus feature, you may view a person’s whole profile image with a single click.

  • You may also quickly distribute the Direct URL to any other app or social media site. •

In addition, the Instagram Plus Apk has a feature that allows you to play videos automatically with sound.

Moreover, this programme may be used in a variety of languages, including Arabic.


Instagram Plus Apk has extra and crucial features that make this app more popular and special than the official Instagram. I’ll go through these features in this part.

Photos and videos can be downloaded:

No, I can’t get my friend’s profile picture to download. It is possible to download photographs and videos from Instagram Plus 2019 by using the “Download” option. In truth, this function is not available to users of the Official Instagram app. If you’ve located a media file, you may download and save it in a couple of seconds.

Instagram Stories may be accessed by downloading the app:

Instagram+ has been downloaded by at least 90% of the population so that they can save stories. With the Instagram Plus Apk, you’ll be able to download Instagram stories. Why this app is so popular is because of this. It doesn’t matter if it’s a photo or a video; you may download it. Regardless of whether or not that individual is a friend, you will have no problems downloading any of the Public articles. You may thus just access the Status panel and click on the Download option there.

Full-Size Profile Photos:

Even if the person you’re following has an official Instagram account, you won’t be able to see their profile picture in full. However, when it comes to the most recent version of Insta plus, the coin gets flipped. It was created completely by the developers to fill in the gaps in Instagram’s capabilities.

You may see the enlarged DP by just long-tapping the corresponding profile image or DP, and you can even save that file by utilizing Instagram plus.

Because of this, Instagram Plus newest Apk is intended to provide capabilities that other Modded apps do not have. In addition, it has all of the functions of the official Instagram account. There are several reasons why people don’t return to the official Instagram app.


It’s safe to say that Instagram Plus Apk is one of the most popular and fascinating Instagram Mods. However, it has all the functionality that every Instagram user needs, although the official version of Instagram does not. As a result, you can just click on the link provided above to get this software and start using its most recent features on your Android device right now.


Is there anything I need to know about this?

In this post, we’ll answer some commonly asked questions concerning the Instagram Plus Apk.

It is safe to use Instagram Plus Apk?

Pre-installation, this is one of the most often asked questions by users. Because it’s a modified version of the official Instagram app with some extra features, it’s completely safe to use on your Android smartphone. Many people have been using this software for the past two years without experiencing any kind of security issues.

Other Mods may be available, but which is the best?

If you decide to download and install Insta plus apk, you can be sure that you will enjoy it. Because this app is a modified version of the official Instagram app, it has a lot of features that aren’t available in the official version. As a result, this Instagram plus apk is the greatest.

It’s hard to say exactly who started Instagram Mod Apk Android , although we can speculate.

David has created the “Instagram Plus ” mod for Instagram.

Will being caught using a modified version result in my being banned?

Despite the fact that we learned only a few days ago that Instagram is banning users who use Instagram Plus, a cracked version of WhatsApp. You should know that the hacked version of Instagram has an anti-ban function built in, so you won’t have to worry about getting a ban ever again!

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