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GBWhatsapp APK

Whatsapp is basically an application of face book which creates links in the society. People can use whatsapp in their social and business life as well. You can share images, voice messages, make audio, video calls, and chat with the help of Whatsapp to your friends, family and business partners. The original Whatsapp can be downloaded from play store freely But why should you use GBWhatsapp APK.

GBWhatsApp APK Info:

App Name GBWhatsApp APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version Latest Version
Total Downloads 6,000,000+
App size 44.3 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose Mod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features
Last Updated 4 hours ago

 Download GBWhatsapp APK

Download GBWHATSAPP Server 2

First of all you have to understand that what is GBWhatsapp APK? Actually GBWhatsapp APK is a modified version of original Whatsapp which provides some extra features to its users which are not found in the original version of Whatsapp which is provided in play store. GBWhatsapp APK is also free of cost and can be downloaded without routs with fantastic features which are mostly liked by its users

GBWhatsapp APK

The usage of GBWhatsapp APK is very simple and everybody who has an android cell or IOS can easily use GBWhatsapp without any skill or knowledge because it provides a user friendly interface to its users. Million people are enjoying the extra features of GBWhatsapp APK across the world. If you want to enjoy this beautiful application then why are you waiting for? Just go to download option, install it and enjoy with your friends, family and business partners or customers. GBWhatsapp APK is now trending in business. You can send messages to you customers or clients and vice versa. This conversation with your customers and clients can enhance your business productivity and can be converted into paid customers.


GBWhatsapp APK is a modified version of original Whatsapp which provides some extra features from original Whatsapp like special security features which are more secured than original version of Whatsapp. Because Whatsapp provides a platform to connect the people globally in term of social, business or family relations but lacks some features which are liked by its users. So, these missing features are found in modified version of Whatsapp in the shape of GBWhatsapp APK. It can support your business expansion and relations with customers and clients that can be turned into money.

Why GBWhatsapp APK

As GBWhatsapp APK is a modified version of original Whatsapp which belongs to Face Book family, it provides you some extra features like security, DND, anti revoke messages and many more features which can enhance your business by keeping up the records of sender or by deleting it or not. You can download it for iPhnon or android.


Small Space Required

For GBWharsapp APK, a small space is required in android or iPhone because of its small size of file. You can save a large size space if you install GB Whatsapp APK in android or iPhone.

Regular Update

GB Whatsapp APK is regularly updated which is more liked by its users. You can Install update version of it in your android or iPhone.

Video Recording Facility

A stunning option of video recording in GBWhatsapp APK makes it distinct from original Whatsapp which misses this facility. We can record video of calling for future use or proof of calls.

Auto Reply

It has the feature of auto reply when you are not available. In this way your business partners or customers remain engage and you can response when you are available to them on GBWhatsapp APK.


If somebody is disturbing you without any reason, you can off or on the call button without turning off your mobile internet connection. This is a great and unique feature of GBWhatsapp which differentiates it from original version of Whatsapp.

Broadcasting of Text Messages

GBWhatsapp APK also provides the facility of broadcasting a message to a lot of people at the same time which saves time for users to send bulk messages to the customers or other people.

The traditional Whatsapp has a limited option to send messages at a time.

Filtration of Messages

In GBWhatsapp, the messages can be filtered and time can be saved from reading unnecessary messages. On contrast to traditional Whatsapp, this feature of GBWhapsapp is a prominent feature of it.

Revocation of Messages

Once message has been sent, and you do not want to send it, then you can revoke the message on it which sometime saves us from embarrassing from those messages which are sent mistakenly. While on traditional Whatsapp, once message has been sent, it cannot be revoked.

Sharing of Live Location

On GBWhatsapp APK, we can share our location live to others.

Best effects

The resolution and effects provided in it are very fantastic and attracted. The users always like variable effects which keep them away from boring in case of long time usage.

Can send maximum pictures

It facilitates us to send maximum pictures and images to our friends, family and business partners or customers.

Themes and Emojis

It provides us a lot of themes and Emojis which we can enjoy according to our sensation and will. Themes create a charm of interface or screen of android or iPhone. Emojis save our time and express a related sensation according to the situation.

Message History

It provides us message history which is also a good feature of GBWhatsapp APK as compared to traditional Whatsapp.

Can mark unread messages

We can mark unread messages on it by marking unnecessary messages, we can save a lot of time without reading them.

Select all chats

On GBWhatsapp APK, we can select all chats with friends, family and business partners as well as business customers.

Hide status

It provides the option of hide status. If we do not like to show our status, then we can hide the status on status bar. We can change it according to our requirement.

Image quality

The image quality of GBWhatsapp APK is very good, we can enjoy a good quality of images sent or received on it which is a plus point in it.

Log History

It also provides the log history which is good feature of it as compared to traditional Whatsapp.


We can select the language which we want to use on GBWhatsapp according to area or business.


It will also notify us when incoming messages or images will receive by installing its update version in your android or iPhone.

Pop up of notification

We can pop up the notifications which we like to pop up in GBWhatsapp APK.


  • An internet connection
  • Device location
  • Gallery access
  • Access to contacts
  • Device identification
  • External storage access if needed for space

Pros and Cons


  • Secured Privacy
  • Hide options for read, delivered or received messages
  • 35 Characters for name
  • 255 Characters for status


  • Illegal use
  • Sometime unsafe
  • Unknown server
  • Fake chat

Final Words

We hope that you might enjoyed the description of GBWhatsapp APK and will download and install it because it is providing a lot of extra features in it which the original version of Whatsapp is not providing. You can increase your business productivity by using GBWhatsapp as this also a modified version of original Whatsapp with distinct features free of cost which is not available in the play store.

Downloading Process

You can download it by putting your query in search engine like how can I download GBWhatsapp APK for android or iPhone? Moreover, after opening the site then you can download it easily.

  • Go to download Option
  • Allow Unknown Source of you android or iPhone.
  • Click on Download


After download complete, proceed the instruction, log in with you account and if necessary get backup and enjoy.


What type of GBWhatsapp APK is?

GBWhatsapp APK is basically a modified version of original Whatsapp with extra features which belongs to Face Book family.

Is it safe for android?

Yes, you should feel free while using GBWhatsapp APK. Our experience of using GBWhatsapp from months suggests you to install and enjoy GBWhatsapp APK because it is complete safe.

Does GBWhatsapp APK work on iPhone?

Yes, its works on iPhone same as on android.

Is root needed for this app?

No, root is not required for device

Can I backup my data on GBWhatsapp?

Of course, you can get backup easily on you android or iPhone.

Is there any risk of ban or privacy issue?

No, not at all, this is no risk of ban or privacy issue of GBWhatsapp APK.

Can dual Whatsapp applications be used on same device?

Sure, you can use both Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp on same device same time.

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