Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS 3.23 APK + Mod-(Unlimited money) for Android

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS: First-person shooter game for android devices that is dynamic. In order to advance to the coveted gold league, the player must overcome all obstacles and difficulties. You’ll unlock additional game kinds and equipment that weren’t available in the game’s early stages as you move up the leaderboard and take the top spots. Also keep in mind that you can assemble your own five-person squad to greatly accelerate your progress through the challenging levels of the game.
Version: 3.23
Size: 380.43 MB
Android version: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
Developer: Edkon Games Gmbh
Category: Action

Play 5-7 minute 5v5 quick-action fights, upgrade weapons and gear, position shooters, and use tactical grenades all while trying to live. Learn every map in the game so that you can use it as a weapon in the environment, which is full of protests and conflicts between various factions. [Play for free instead of paying to win] Join epic PvP battles to transform into a battlefield hero. By merely playing the game, you can acquire all of the accessories for shooting games that change gameplay.

Therefore, get some weapons, supplies, and grenades, then start blasting away! Play a first-person shooter game against players from around the world. Direct military actions in fictitious battle zones like Chernobyl, Japan, and the US Actively engage in team fight, place, or disarm a bomb. Install special attachments, try out new tactics, and get new soldiers, armor, and weaponry. [5 minutes, 10 players, rapid matches, and the best survival techniques] Playing the game is quick and easy, and the controls just require two fingers.

Outstanding sights and effects -Autolock and Autofire or manually operated -Exceptional performance and optimization [Clash squad with ten FFA players or up to five pals] To compete against other first-person shooter (FPS) players for the highest rating, assemble a five-person squad with your friends. Up to 10 players can participate in a custom online game mode. [4 game modes are available right now, 4 are in development] Free for all in team battles (Death Match Survival) the bomb mode (Defuse) Race of Arms (Gun Game) [Different weapons and equipment, specialized settings that are flexible] Choose between the classes of tank machine gunner, sniper support, or assassin SMG.

In one of the most exciting 3D shooters, you can play as anybody you choose. [Compact rating system, 15 leagues] What league do you prefer? To become a legend, join the Fire Titans league for rated games. Go through the hierarchy and rampage in numerous shooting games and rounds, either with a team or by yourself. [Continuous updates] The following new game types will be available to Fire Strike Online players in the future: capture, combat arena. And 2v2 tournaments. And, of course, fresh maps like SLUMS RAID, CAMPO SACRO, etc. new skins, characters, guns, and accessories abound for shooting video games.

Please be aware! The entirety of Fire Strike Online Shooter is available for free download and play, while some in-game DLC can be bought with real money.


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