Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk All Cars Unlocked-(MOD, Unlimited Money)

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a popular game in which you may drive sports automobiles with realistic physics and controls. Drive cars in a realistic environment and take damage while doing so. It contains outstanding visual effects and music effects, as well as crazy visuals. There is a large map on which you can drive your favourite sports car throughout the city while adhering to the regulations and avoiding accidents

Additional Information

App Name Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk All Cars Unlocked
Publisher Modapk
Genre Racing
Size 174 MB
Latest Version v6.43.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
Get it On Google Play
Update 5 hours ago

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There are many incredible supercars to choose from, including BMW, Mercedes, Bugatti, and many others. If you get bored driving alone, join a multiplayer race and compete against real drivers from all around the world. To enjoy the game and enhance your driving skills, you can play with other people.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Mini games and checkpoint mode are available to finish for rewards. You can buy a lot of things in the game, but you’ll need money to do so. We’ll show you how to acquire infinite money in the game, but you’ll have to stick around for a bit.

What is an APK file for Extreme Car Driving Simulator?

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a fantastic game with excellent physics and controls. Get behind the wheel of your favourite vehicle and take a spin around town. ABS, ESP, Gear Shifter, and more genuine car functions are included. Get realistic damage effects when you crash your car. The game features high-quality and detailed 3D graphics. The controls in this game are quite precise, and you will need to master gear shifting skills in order to drive a car comfortably. It includes authentic automotive sounds that give you a great feeling when driving.

It’s a fantastic modded version of the game in which all cars are unlocked and you don’t have to finish missions or races to get goods. There is no need to put forth any effort with this mod version because you have infinite money and all cars unlocked in the game. You can utilize a variety of game controllers to enjoy driving in a variety of ways.

Simple Commands

Extreme Car Driving Simulator has simple and intuitive controls that make driving sports cars in the game a breeze. You can choose from a variety of control layouts in the settings. For a more realistic driving experience, utilize steering wheel controls, or arrow controls if you’re a newbie. The controls are fully optimized and snappy, making gameplay more enjoyable and straightforward.

Beautiful Gameplay

It offers beautiful graphics and realistic mechanics. If you have no prior driving experience, you may be at risk of being involved in an accident. Your car’s damage information are visible. To enjoy the game and drive from different perspectives, choose multiple camera perspectives. In the game, there are numerous objectives and tasks that you can perform to win rewards and money.

Various Game Modes

Players enjoy playing Extreme Car Driving Simulator because of the various game types. Traffic mode, free mode, and checkpoint mode are the three game modes available. In free mode, you can drive without any restrictions. Checkpoint mode is challenging since you must reach the checkpoint before time runs out. With realistic driving rules, you may enjoy driving in traffic.

Several Automobiles

You can acquire and drive a variety of supercars in the game. You can look at various cars and purchase them to add to your collection. Cars are so skillfully made that they appear realistic and magnificent. Purchase vehicles and store them in your garage so that you may quickly select vehicles for various races and assignments. Some automobiles are extremely fast, which means they are extremely expensive, and purchasing and driving them requires a significant sum of money.

Graphics are fantastic

Extreme Car Driving Simulator features realistic 3D graphics and acoustic effects. It features a large map on which you can discover stunning places and structures. The game is more realistic and spectacular because of the highly detailed automobiles and tracks. In the game, you can explore the dashboards of supercars and experience various camera views. This game is absolutely free, and you will not be required to pay anything to play it.

All Cars Are Unlocked

All of the automobiles in Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod are unlocked, so you can choose and drive any of your favourite vehicles. There are so many incredible automobiles to choose from throughout the game. In the game, there are some missions that demand a high-performance vehicle. In the mod version of this game, getting unlocked automobiles is not tough.

Money without limits

You can improve your gameplay by having infinite money in the game. You will have infinite money in this modified version of the game, allowing you to buy whatever. Purchase all of the automobiles and other items in-game from an in-game store. It’s an ad-free version of the game, so you may play all of the game modes without seeing any advertisements.


Extreme Vehicle Driving Simulator is a popular sports car driving game with outstanding sound effects and 3D visuals. On the massive map, you can drive a variety of magnificent cars. Explore incredible locales while competing with your pals. In multiplayer mode, you can compete against actual racers. If you wish to start the game with infinite money and all automobiles, download the mod version from our site and enjoy unlimited resources. Use the comment section to leave your feedback.


Q. How can I get a free download of Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk?

If you want to receive the mod version of the game, simply go to our website and download it for free.

Q. Is it possible to play Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk without an internet connection?

Yes, this amazing automobile driving simulator game may be played without an online connection.

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